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Amazing Tuning Offers!

    Qwik Tune Chromatic Tuner

    Pitch pipe: speaker plays full chromatic scale

    High sensitivity microphone

    Quick-response meter

    3 LED lights

    Batteries included

    Only £9.00!

    Qwik Tune Guitar Professor

    Tuner : Chord Finder : Pitch Pipe

    Qwik Tune Guitar Professor. This is a fully chromatic tuner with a large LCD screen which offers a 'chord finder' facility. The Qwik Tune Guitar Professor features the almost standard Qwik Tune readout format of a swinging LCD needle onscreen, guided by opposing direction arrows and a central green light for 'in tune' status. TAB style reference is accessed by three buttons for 'chord', maj/min' and '7th-9th'.

    Only £8.00!

    OVER 50% OFF!!!

Snark Guitar Tuners From £15

Snark’s tuning software enables the player to get closer to perfect pitch than with other tuners. The result is the instrument sounds sweeter and the player sounds better. The full chromatic scale shown by the tuner makes for deadly accuracy. With a 360° rotating "Stay Put" Clip that makes tuning even easier!

Beat It Music Guitar Services

Single Restring on Classical Guitar - £ 3.50 - includes string
Single Restring Electric - £ 3.00 - includes string
Full Restring Classical - £12 .00 + strings
Full Restring Electric and Acoustic £10.00 + strings
Electric Guitar Setup - (Truss Rod : Intonation : Clean etc) - from £ 20.00 + strings
Basic Re-Soldering and General Electrical Work Charged from £5.00 - plus parts if needed
Specialist Set Ups : Re-Frets : Damaged Guitars. Please ask for details
Replacement Parts Available for some models - either in stock or to order
Please Note if we have to Special Order Parts in Singularly there will be an extra Carriage/Postal Charge
Prices may be changed without prior notice due to increases in material costs beyond our control

Snark SN-2 Tuner Only £19.99

The SNARK SN2 chromatic all instrument clip-on tuner has one the largest frequency ranges for a tuner of its type. On testing it ranges from 30Hz (a very low B) right up to over 6600Hz – a range of more than 8 octaves!
SNARK’s tuning software enables the player to get closer to perfect pitch than with other tuners.
The result is the instrument sounds sweeter and the player sounds better. Its bright LCD display is easy to read on the darkest of stages, and the fast note recognition in both mic and vibration sensing modes makes it quick and simple to use.

Finger Ease Guitar String Lubricant Spray Our Price £6

Stop "string talk" dead in its tracks! Since 1963, Tone Finger Ease has been making sure fretboards all over the world have been smooth and slick. You want a frictionless fretboard, after all, your performance should be the only thing blistering, not your fingertips! This string spray allows for much smoother guitar playing, letting your fingers glide without friction along the strings. Cuts down on cuts, scrapes and sore fingertips - not to mention fudged notes or lines. Best of all, Finger Ease does all this without mucking up or damaging your strings or fretboard.

Gorilla Snot – Retain a steady grip on Guitar picks! Our Price £7

Gorilla Snot is a gripping aid. It has been developed by and for professionals who demand flexibility, functionality, and efficiency in the tools of their trade. A non-gooey, naturally refined tree rosin, Gorilla Snot reacts with your body's natural chemistry and heat output to retain a steady grip on guitar picks and any other hard to grip musical instruments.

Qwik Tune Plug-In Guitar Tuner. Our Price £13.95

Limited Time Offer Currently only £10

The No.1 alternative to the ‘clip on’ tuner. The Qwik Tune auto guitar and bass tuner offers highly precise, accurate tuning, and is suitable for all Electric, Acoustic, Classical and Bass guitars. This NeXt Generation tuner has all the basic essentials you need in a portable guitar or bass tuner. Qwik Tunes eXclusive "Off Meter" tuning tells the user which string they are attempting to tune, even if the guitar is severely out of tune. NeXt Generation™ Technology with a High sensitivity microphone Fast meter 3 LEDs Battery operated Highly precise, accurate tuning The Qwik Tune guitar tuner is efficient, easy to use.

Quality Guitar Straps From £5

We stock an impressive range of top quality guitar straps. Good for all occasions!

Music Safe Pro - Complete hearing protection system Our Price £24

“Professional Protection for ears set at optional levels!”. Professional Earplugs with Low, Medium and high filter options.
Alternative Filtered Earplugs available from £14

A Range of Top Quality guitar Leads From £5

We stock an impressive range of top quality guitar leads. Good for all occasions! Both Good Quality and Premium quality cables available. Lengths from 3m to 6m. As well as patch leads for pedals from £1.50

A Range of Hercules Guitar Stands

Innovative features include the self-locking Auto Grip System, the compact portability of the mini stands, and Specially Formulated Foam rubber.
Free-Standing Stands from £22
Wall Hangers from £14

Many More Gifts Availabe from Just 85p!

Disclaimer: Prices may vary. Products subject to availability.