Beat It Music Guitar Services

Beat It Music Guitar Services

Beat It Music
Guitar Fixes, Restrings, Setups and More!

Single Restring on Classical Guitar
£ 3.50 - includes string

Single Restring Electric
£ 3.00 - includes string

Full Restring Classical
£12 .00 + strings

Full Restring Electric and Acoustic
£10.00 + strings

Electric Guitar Setup
(Truss Rod : Intonation : Clean etc)
from £20.00 + strings

Basic Re-Soldering and General Electrical Work Charged
from £5.00 - plus parts if needed

Specialist Set Ups : Re-Frets : Damaged Guitars.
Please ask for details

Replacement Parts Available for some models either in stock or to order

Please Note if we have to Special Order Parts in Singularly there will be an extra Carriage/Postal Charge
Prices may be changed without prior notice due to increases in material costs beyond our control