Drumming Gifts For the Drummer who has Everything

Firestix Light-Up Drumsticks Our Price £15

Firestix drumsticks are made of durable Lexan and light up upon impact for a brilliant, dramatic light show effect on stage. They are perfect for drum solos! Firestix are available in Red, blue and Green and include batteries. Replacement batteries are also available (sold separately).

Fireballz Light-Up Cymbal Nuts Our Price £18.99

Fireballz are designed to fit modern cymbal stands and light up with each cymbal strike for dazzling effects. This product will light up the stage, making a drum solo radiate in a colorful display of dancing lights. FIREBALLZ produce an incredible display of dancing lights by brightly flashing with each strike of your cymbal. FIREBALLZ... the new vibration sensitive LED/CYMBAL NUT... All-in-one! The Perfect Package to light up the Stage!

Gorilla Snot - The Original drumstick grip! Our Price £7

“No more dropping your drumsticks!” Gorilla snot is a non-gooey, naturally refined tree rosin. It reacts with your body's natural chemistry and heat output to retain a steady grip on bones, spoons, picks, drumsticks, bows, and any other hard to grip musical instruments.

Cympad Chromatics - Colourize your cymbal set! Our Price £10

“Optimize your cymbal look and sound” CYMPAD Chromatic cymbal washers come in a wide selection of color options that allow drummers to contrast, compliment and customize the look of their drum and cymbal sets. And, because they are made from CYMPAD’s exclusive high-density, cellular “Memory” foam, Chromatics also provide significant sound and performance enhancements when compared to old-fashioned felt washers. Uniform in size and shape, Chromatics are durable, colorful and recommended for the tops and bottoms of cymbals in all drumming styles and situations.

SlapKlatz - Resonance control for drums, percussion and cymbals! Our Price £9

“The Number 1 damper gel for drums!” With SlapKlatz, you can control the sustain and overtones from your drums, making sure your drumkit always sounds its best! The SlapKlatz gel dampers offer a really sticky surface that will adhere firmly to coated or clear heads and they can also be used to suppress cymbal overtones should you need to mute excess ring, enhance stick definition or bring any high-end frequencies under control. SlapKlatz employs a specially formulated gel that has got the right weight, thickness and elasticity for the job. Each tub contains two small and two large pads (alongside a free container!) to give you handy options depending on the size of the drum and the amount of dampening required.

Music Safe Pro - Complete hearing protection system Our Price £24

“Professional Protection for ears set at optional levels!”. Professional Earplugs with Low, Medium and high filter options. Alternative Filtered Earplugs available from £14

Drummers Accessories

Just a selection of the items available for drummers in store.
Call in or phone Steve Gibson on 01274 599774 to discuss your requirements.

Drum Sticks Range Our Price £3.50

Lots of Makes, Sizes and Weights to choose from including Vater, Goodwood, Shaw Stix and Vic Firth
Drummers are well catered for in store.
Call in or phone Steve Gibson on 01274 599774 to discuss your requirements.

Many More Gifts Availabe from Just £5!

Cow Bells
Kit Stick Holder
Glitter Sticks
Stick Bags
Rock School Grade Books from £13.95 (Grades 1-8)
Drum Heads: 10", 12", 13",14", 16", 20" and 22"! Coated or Uncoated!
Extra Hardware Pieces eg. nuts, bolts, screws and more!
‘Wincent’ Rods
Zero Rings
Hi-Hat Tambourine
Wire Brushes
Single and Double Braced Boom, Snare, Cymbal and Hi-Hat Stands
Bass Drum Pedals
Drum Tech Kit

And Many More Call Instore for Details!

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